Dear Partner, welcome to the LUCRO PROJECT investment platform!

Before you start, please read the instruction leaflet:

- You can receive income from your deposit every day. It is important to know that the personal deposit for each Partner, which we can accept in work is strictly fixed and its amount changes every 24 hours (at 9.00 MSK).
- Also the amount of total daily deposit, which we can accept in work, is updated every 24 hours. The update time is the same - at 9.00 MSK. All actual information is updated in real time on the main page. There you will also find a countdown counter.
- If the daily deposit is exhausted and you do not have time to open it, you must wait for the next day and update the deposit limit.
- If you have already topped up your balance, you only need to activate your deposit immediately after the limit is updated.
- Every night we announce information about upcoming limits in our Telegram. Subscribe to the channel, and don't miss important news!

If you still have any questions, please contact our support team.

We wish you only profitable investments. Regards, LUCRO team!